What is the best traditional dish’s worth tasting in Dubai?

If you’d like to excite your palate with Arabic delicacies, make sure to order the following:

Camel Products – the decadent camel meat burgers, camel milk chocolate, and camel milk ice cream will make all your senses celebrate.

  • Margoogat – a meaty, tomato-based stew. Chicken or lamb combine with potatoes, baby marrow, and herbs in this iconic Dubai dish.
  • Manousheh – the so-called Lebanese pizza is a white flatbread topped with meats, herbs, cheeses, and sometimes sweet treats.
  • Chelow kebab – the national dish of Iran revolves around steamed rice and meats.
  • Al Machboos – this spiced chicken with rice originates from Bahrain.
  • Luqaimat – hot dumplings with a similar taste and texture to donuts. Top them with date syrup and sesame seeds for the ultimate decadence.
  • Baklava – the Arabic baklava is drier, smaller, and quite different from the Turkish baklava but just as tasty.

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